3 Fun Things To Do In O’Fallon, Missouri

If you’re in or near the St. Louis, Missouri area, it is important to be aware of the hidden gems that can be found just minutes away in the city of O’Fallon. Whether you’re visiting, just moving in or have been a resident for awhile and are looking for something fun to do with friends and family, O’Fallon has much to other. Home to some 87,597 (as of 2017), the beautiful scenery and large-yet-small-town feel make O’Fallon a special place on the map that you’ll remember.

Here are some attractions in O’Fallon that are sure to offer fun for all ages:

  • Rockin’ Jump O’Fallon
  • Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center
  • Veterans Memorial Walk and 9/11 Memorial

Ultimate Trampoline Indoor Park

Youth and all ages enjoy the safe, clean, exciting, and social environment that can be found only at Rockin’ Jump O’Fallon, an indoor trampoline park with many activities to choose from. Keep kids entertained for hours as they let out their energy rotating between the open jump arena, X-Beam, slam dunk zone, a dodgeball course, ninja course, stunt bag arena, vertigo climbing, and throw down trampoline basketball.

Staff guard the trampoline areas to ensure children do not harm themselves in the free roam indoor playground. Admission prices and jump times vary, but for $21.00, children receive 120 minutes of jumping time and a $5.00 Cafe credit.

Alligator’s Creek

Need to cool off and want to have fun doing it? Look no further than Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center, located in O’Fallon’s Civic Park. This water park is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, has fun to offer to those of any age and ability, and accepts only U.S. Coast Guard approved floatation devices.

Take a rest in one of the newly renovated bathhouses, at one of the concession stands, or the long lazy river. Make memories with your kids or grandchildren as they play and swim on the new splash pad, a floating bridge, and a pool that connects into a larger pool that comes complete with an interactive water playground.

Fun for the whole family can be found at one of Alligator’s Creek’s three water slides, a one-meter spring diving board, a whirlpool safe for all ages, and a swimming pool that features lap lanes. The facility also hosts birthday parties and swimming lessons.

A lot of water parks around the country eventually look run down and old, making people less likely to go there. However, the managers at Alligator’s Creek Aquatic Center know the importance of hiring a painting company like O’Fallon Painting Contractors to keep the place looking new each year. If you’re in O’Fallon Missouri in the summer, you have to check out Alligator’s Creek.

Remembering Troops and First Responders

The residents of O’Fallon have shown their patriotism in many forms to the rest of the world, and there are two locations that showcase this that the public can visit: the 9/11 Memorial: A Tribute to First Responders and the Veterans Memorial Walk.

Dedicated to all of the first responders in America, the memorial weighs some 22 tons and stretches 17 feet. It is made from steel from the World Trade Center that was salvaged from the destruction following the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City.

The Veterans Memorial Walk was opened in 2001 as a place to honor all current and past U.S. soldiers and features a unique monument of marching cast bronze boots. At the foot of the POW/MIA flag, a solitary pair of boots rest aside an eternal flame that burns continuously.


Fun Things To Do at the Fort Wayne Indiana Zoo

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to some 1,000 animals and spans over 40 acres in Fort Wayne’s Franke Park. Since its opening in 1965, the zoo has been attracting visitors young and old from all across the globe. Along with the many animal exhibits there are to see, there are several fun activities to involve the whole family in when you visit.

Here are some ways to get the most fun out of your trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo:

  • Buy tokens for rides
  • Feed the animals
  • Visit the African Journey
  • Tour the Australian Adventure
  • Walk through the Indonesian Rainforest

Rides and Animal Feeding

All over the zoo, there are machines that sell tokens for just $1.00 that can grant access to rides and purchase pellets to feed some of the park’s animals. Two tokens is enough to ride the Z.O.&O. Railroad, the Endangered Species Carousel, the Sky Safari ride, and the Crocodile Creek Adventure ride.

For one token, hand feed giraffes and goats. Six tokens is enough to purchase a ride along the pony trail.

Safari Trail

Take a stroll down the safari trail, professionally known as the African Journey, and visit animals that you’d find in the wild in Africa. Visitors get to experience a safari they can walk through, as they begin their journey at the grassy savannah, home to zebras, wildebeests, vultures, and ostrich. The path will then guide you through the kopje rock formations to view animals such as the African lion, spotted hyenas, honey badgers, bat-eared foxes, banded mongoose, and servals.

The African Journey also features a shaded African village, complete with de Brazza’s and colobus monkeys, lovebirds, and Amur leopards. It is here where you can also feed the reticulated giraffes by climbing up 14 feet to the feeding platform.

When you’re walking down the Safari trail, you never know what you’re going to see and experience. When we were in Fort Wayne, we had the pleasure of going on the Safari trail with our friend Keith, the owner of Fort Wayne Movers (https://www.moversfortwayne.com). We actually had a lion walk up and growl at us! It was thrilling!

Newly Remodeled Australian Adventure

Enter the brand new Australian Adventure by crossing the tracks at the Train Station towards the entrance. There, the 20,000 gallon aquarium gives visitors a close encounter look at clownfish, puffer fish, and a zebra moray eel while the 50,000 gallon aquarium showcases shark aquatic life such as blacktip reef sharks, a zebra shark, and schooling fish. Also, Stingray Bay is said to be a memorable experience.

Three new aviaries feature many types of Australian birds, from the lorikeets to the egrets. Cockatiels, parrots, Australian magpies, black swans, and more are also some of Australia’s wild birds that can be found along the trail.

The Australian Adventure is said to have some pretty close-up encounters with eastern grey kangaroos as they often hop across the path, and the adventure ends as visitors gaze upon hidden dingoes.

Rainforest Attraction

The Indonesian Rainforest contains many sights to behold at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Adventure awaits at the starting point of Dr. Diversity’s Research Station. It is here that zoo patrons can greet a Komodo dragon, malaysian walking leaf, tentacled snakes and an impressive 18-foot-long reticulated python.

Visitors will shortly find themselves in a dome shaped jungle, full of animals such as the wrinkled hornbill, silver-eared mesia, nicobar pigeon, leader sulphur crested cockatoo, green-naped pheasant pigeon, fire-bellied toad, and the black-breasted leaf turtle.

Meet the endangered Sumatran orangutans at Orangutan Valley and the endangered Sumatran tigers in Tiger Forest. The Indonesian Rainforest nears its end as its winds visitors down the Tree Top Trail, which features the Javan gibbons, and have fun with the kids on the Kids’ Tree House.


Why Go Traveling in Texas

Traveling is fun. Everyone at Your Reka knows and believes that. But visiting Texas was mind-blowing experience for some of us.

As we told people we were traveling to Texas, I don’t think I have come across anyone who stays in Texas or has visited Texas before say they do not love this state. Everything about this state is amazing and my journey to this beautiful state was definitely worth it.

While traveling through Texas, I met some great people who suggested I visit McAllen, Texas, and with the things I saw, I am so glad I had the opportunity of visiting this place. McAllen is a remote region in Texas and has stunning landscape. And when it storms, it has some of the darkest and scariest skies I have ever seen.

We also met some great people who were ready to assist us in finding our way around the state. The people were very welcoming and treated us with good food. Oh my oh my McAllen restaurants are amazing the food were we served was super delicious.

While checking out some of the restaurants, The Patio on Guerra who who were open to conversation and told us more about the things we can do to enjoy our stay even more and were willing to go the extra mile for us to have a maximum mind-blowing experience of the state for the duration of the people we were going to stay.

At first we were visiting places with the help of public transport and sometimes the people offering to assist their cars. We had parked the car we brought at the garage because we wanted to explore the state and know our way around with the help of people. I have always learnt that communication goes a long way to helping you understand people and we couldn’t have had much fun like we did if we had just used the map and driven our car immediately we got here.

After few days of our stay in fallen, we wanted to attend the event we were invited to by some of the great people we met at the restaurant so we decided to take our car and while on the journey, it broke down. Few minutes after, someone driving by stopped to assist by calling for road side assistance. It happened to be the great people at Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing (https://www.roadsideassistanceedinburg.com/) who were willing to fix our vehicle without us even having to pay. They heard we were from out of town and wanted to do us a good deed since we choose to come all the way to McAllen and Edinburg to visit.

A few minutes after calling for the roadside assistance to help look at our car, they showed up and did their inspection of our vehicle. By this time we knew we were already late for the event we were being invited to. We couldn’t just leave the car and run off to the event. The people who had stopped to assist and call the roadside assistance agreed to offer us a ride while the roadside assistance and towing company took the car to their workshop. All these would have been a frustrating experience but because the people of McAllen Texas are great, we got their attention and they gave their assistance. This is pure love.

We highly recommend visiting McAllen and Edinburg Texas if you’re even in the area.


Best destinations for Handicraft lovers

The charm of handicrafts has drawn so many people towards it, that these handicraft lovers love to explore the crafts of every place they visit. But how about dedicating an entire vacation to the love of handicrafts? Well, there are places around the world which boast of some of the most beautiful handicrafts in the world – excited to know these places – read on!

The Madhubani paintings here are the soul of this district in Bihar. Tucked away in the north of India, these paintings have such life in them, that you would definitely love to explore this place and take back home what your eyes set on! The intricacy of these paintings combined with the bold colors used in them will surely win your heart. Not only this, but you would also find these Madhubani paintings adorning every tree in Madhubani – a cause taken up by Madhubani artists here to prevent deforestation in their district! The brush seems to be mightier than the sword!

Assam boasts of the Muga silk – golden silk which cannot be found in the rest of the world. So if you intend to take back home something that’s very rare, it has to be the Muga silk sarees from Assam! Make your way into Sualkachi, Assam, and witness the creation of this golden beauty and then don’t forget to take one back home!

Munnar is known for some of the best handicrafts in the world – and if exploring these shops in Munnar is all you want to do, you surely need to dedicate a proper vacation to your cause! It is dotted with shops that boast of handicrafts that have been crafted and curated with so much detail that they won’t fail to amuse you – give it a visit once, and you’ll know why Munnar is here in this list!


The marble-stone craft here in Agra is exponentially beautiful – delicate designs carved on the pristine white marble, only to be filled in with colors that so complement each other – just to create a piece of art that’s renowned all over the world! Agra is lined up with such shops, making walking through these streets an even joyous experience! Get yourself a piece of this stone to adorn your walls or a box of marble to keep your jewelry in!

Head into one of these places and explore to your heart’s content!


Best places to travel with kids

If you’re those kind of parents, who want their kids to see the world from a very young age, cheers to you! You’re creating future generation globe-trotters, so yes, that’s a commendable job! And if you’re always planning where to take your kids next to, here’s a list of super child-friendly places which your kids would love – and it will be a lot easier for you to hang out with your kids too! Here we go:

  • Maribor, Slovenia:
    This country is especially noted for being a family-friendly location – and especially Maribor is just perfect for your family vacation. The fun places here have something for everything, so even if you’re towing along the grandparents, you won’t regret it! The best way to enjoy this city through and through is to hire a car and drive through its by-lanes – you’ll witness and be able to take your children too, through some stunning places that dot the city of Maribor.

  • Bali, Indonesia:
    There’s no dearth of fun activities in Bali, all of which are set up against the picturesque scenes which Bali boasts about! And your kids will love to run free on the pristine beaches here, build and castes, gorge on the yummiest food all while dolphin watching, boat riding and exploring other enchanting places of Bali! A mini-vacation to Bali is a must!

  • Edinburgh, Scotland:
    This city, which also happens to be the capital city of Scotland has a lot on its platter that will appease your little ones! The most fantastic part of this place is that it is lit up with twelve major festivals throughout the year – so no matter what time of the year you step in here, you’ll be in for some fun and revelry. The festivals too, are not anything regular – quirky festivals are the charm of Edinburgh – you’ll know when you visit!

  • Florida, USA:
    A fun place to tag your kids along too – Florida has so many fun options to choose from. Also, your kids will love the theme parks, national parks, museums and the host of other things all of which form a part of Florida – so basically, Florida means an all-around, entertaining as well as informative tour for your kids! Make sure you head in here for your next family vacation!

Already decided where you’ll be heading to next?