Best destinations for Handicraft lovers

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The charm of handicrafts has drawn so many people towards it, that these handicraft lovers love to explore the crafts of every place they visit. But how about dedicating an entire vacation to the love of handicrafts? Well, there are places around the world which boast of some of the most beautiful handicrafts in the world – excited to know these places – read on!

The Madhubani paintings here are the soul of this district in Bihar. Tucked away in the north of India, these paintings have such life in them, that you would definitely love to explore this place and take back home what your eyes set on! The intricacy of these paintings combined with the bold colors used in them will surely win your heart. Not only this, but you would also find these Madhubani paintings adorning every tree in Madhubani – a cause taken up by Madhubani artists here to prevent deforestation in their district! The brush seems to be mightier than the sword!

Assam boasts of the Muga silk – golden silk which cannot be found in the rest of the world. So if you intend to take back home something that’s very rare, it has to be the Muga silk sarees from Assam! Make your way into Sualkachi, Assam, and witness the creation of this golden beauty and then don’t forget to take one back home!

Munnar is known for some of the best handicrafts in the world – and if exploring these shops in Munnar is all you want to do, you surely need to dedicate a proper vacation to your cause! It is dotted with shops that boast of handicrafts that have been crafted and curated with so much detail that they won’t fail to amuse you – give it a visit once, and you’ll know why Munnar is here in this list!


The marble-stone craft here in Agra is exponentially beautiful – delicate designs carved on the pristine white marble, only to be filled in with colors that so complement each other – just to create a piece of art that’s renowned all over the world! Agra is lined up with such shops, making walking through these streets an even joyous experience! Get yourself a piece of this stone to adorn your walls or a box of marble to keep your jewelry in!

Head into one of these places and explore to your heart’s content!